This Cleaning Guide is intended for direct view LED video wall displays with no additional surface material applied. If your LED video wall has an additional surface beyond the LED, please reference cleaning instructions for that particular product. When cleaning an LED display, it is easy to damage the video wall.
 Please take extra care to read and follow the instructions below. Cleaning methods not mentioned in this document are not recommended. It is recommended to wear anti-static gloves while cleaning the LED video wall.

Cleaning Large Areas Of An LED Video Wall

For larger areas, it is recommended that either an electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe brush (soft or medium bristled) or an ESD-safe vacuum be used. These methods will remove loose dirt and dust from the LED video wall.

Acceptable Cleaning Equipment:

  • ESD-safe medium to soft bristled brush (Example: 28HH from Gordon Brush)
  • An ESD-safe vacuum with brush attachment (Example: Metro DataVac ESD Safe Pro)

To clean an LED video wall with a brush, or vacuum with brush attachment:

  • Apply light pressure
  • Start at the top of the video wall and work downward
  • Brush vertically or horizontally only. Never brush diagonally because diagonal movement has a higher likelihood of
    dislodging individual LED pixels

Spot Cleaning

For cleaning a smaller spot or an area that will not come clean with a brush or vacuum, the following methods can be used:

Cleaning with a Gum Ball

  • Start with a clean gum ball. Debris stuck to gum ball could
    damage the LEDs 
  • Press the gum ball lightly into the area that needs to be cleaned
  • While applying light pressure, rock the ball horizontally or
    vertically back and forth a few times, then roll and lift the ball off
    the LED surface
  • Check to see if the debris has been removed. If not, try again
    with a clean area of the gum ball.

Cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol and a Woven Cloth

Using alcohol can sometimes cause a slight discoloration in the black areas around the LEDs so it should be used only as a last resort. These cleaning methods can remove sticky debris and some liquid stains.

  • Dampen a small area of a tightly woven, lint-free cloth
  • Dab gently at the area to be cleaned—do not wipe or scrub
  • Allow the spot to dry and check if area is clean
  • Repeat as necessary until the area is cleaned satisfactorily

Note: Cleaning with alcohol can sometimes cause a slight discoloration in the LEDs and the area around them—usually a slightly darker area.

Things To Avoid

During the process of cleaning an LED video wall DO NOT:

  • Use a hard bristled brush or any hard equipment
  • Apply too much pressure on the LED surface
  • Move the equipment (brush, vacuum, gum ball or cloth) in a diagonal direction
  • Scrub the LED surface
  • Allow hard edges on the brush or vacuum hose to make contact with LEDs