LED Video Walls for Virtual Production: A New Era of Storytelling

Virtual production (VP) and extended reality (XR) are transforming storytelling and content creation across various industries. From film and entertainment to corporate and educational sectors, the ability to create deeply immersive experiences is revolutionizing how stories are told. LED video walls play a crucial role in this transformation, providing dynamic, high-quality visuals that enhance the virtual production process. This blog will delve into the innovative solutions offered by leading brands like Planar, Samsung, Sony, and LG in the realm of LED video walls for virtual production.

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Planar: Leading the Way in Virtual Production and Extended Reality

Planar Studios: A Hub for Innovation

Planar Studios was established to accelerate the capabilities of VP and XR, making these advanced technologies more accessible and streamlined. Planar's expertise in on-camera LED displays for live broadcasting has positioned it as a leader in the VP and XR markets. Planar's award-winning LED product lines, including the Planar® CarbonLight™ VX Series and Planar® Venue™ Pro VX Series, deliver stunning image performance, flexibility, and visual excellence required for VP and XR studios.

Technical Excellence

Planar’s LED video walls are designed with fine pitch LED technology, ensuring that even the smallest details are captured without pixelation. This is essential for creating realistic on-screen content. Additionally, Planar's focus on low scan ratios and high refresh rates reduces camera artifacts, such as dark bands, that can disrupt the visual effect. By upgrading the Planar CarbonLight CLI VX 1.9 to feature a high-performance 1:8 scan ratio and increased brightness to 1,500 nits, Planar ensures vibrant and artifact-free backgrounds for cinematic virtual production.

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Samsung: Transforming Virtual Production with The Wall
Superior Picture Quality

Samsung's The Wall is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of virtual production. With MICRO HDR technology, Ultra Chroma technology, and 20-bit processing, The Wall offers superior contrast, color accuracy, and natural shadow details. This ensures that every scene appears lifelike, enhancing the realism of virtual backgrounds.

Customizable Design

The Wall’s modular design allows for flexible screen sizes and various installation options, such as concave, convex, inclined, and L-type positions. This customization is crucial for adapting to different studio environments and production needs. Samsung's commitment to minimizing flicker lines and ensuring frame synchronization with a 7,680 Hz refresh rate and Framelock technology further enhances the visual quality during fast-paced motion shooting.

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Sony: Crystal LED VERONA for Demanding Virtual Production 
Exceptional Picture Quality

Sony's Crystal LED VERONA series is tailored for virtual production applications, offering extraordinary black levels, low reflection, high brightness, and a wide color gamut. With Deep Black and Anti-Reflection Surface Technologies, VERONA achieves unmatched black levels, allowing for natural and realistic mixing of real and virtual elements. The high refresh rate of up to 7,680 Hz eliminates scanline artifacts, ensuring smooth visuals during high frame rate camera shoots.

Installation Flexibility

VERONA’s modular panels are designed for easy installation and maintenance, making it a favorite among system integrators and rental specialists. The self-stacking cabinets simplify rapid assembly, and the Z-axis adjustment mechanism ensures an extremely flat LED wall surface, crucial for avoiding visible lines when shooting from an angle. VERONA’s energy-efficient design also reduces power consumption, making it a cost-effective solution for virtual production facilities.

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LG: Innovation in Indoor LED Displays
Broadcast Quality

LG’s LBCJ Series LED displays are designed for broadcast quality, with accurate color reproduction, low latency video processing, and HDR capability. The 1,500 nit brightness ensures vibrant visuals, while the support for Brompton controllers, common in the virtual production industry, makes integration seamless.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The LBCJ Series offers both stacking and hanging installation options, with easy module removal using a suction tool for front or rear service access. This flexibility, combined with positioning pins and magnets for quick and accurate panel adjustments, ensures a seamless and efficient setup. The curved installation capability adds to the versatility, allowing for creative and customized studio environments.

Avendor: Your Partner in Pro AV Solutions

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Comprehensive Services

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LED video walls are at the forefront of the virtual production revolution, providing the visual fidelity and flexibility required for creating immersive and realistic content. Planar, Samsung, Sony, and LG each bring unique strengths to this market, offering advanced technologies and innovative solutions that cater to the diverse needs of the virtual production industry. As VP and XR continue to evolve, these companies, along with Avendor's expert support, are paving the way for the next generation of storytelling.

For more information on these cutting-edge solutions and how Avendor can assist you, visit our website or contact us today. Let us help you bring your virtual production visions to life with the best LED video wall technology available.