Agil Huseynov


Mastering the Unexpected: A Times Square Indoor LED Transformation

A Times Square Challenge Awaits

Every installation is an adventure, a puzzle waiting to be solved. In the heart of New York City, inside the vibrant store of 'The Fantastic World Of Portuguese Sardines', our team at LED Solutions embarked on one such journey.

Our mission seemed straightforward: Install an indoor LED video wall with a pixel pitch of 2.5, resolution of 1152x768 pixels, and display size of W 2880 x H 1920 mm. The general contractors were to provide a 90-degree corner wall with flat plywood as the foundation for our LED cabinets. However, the wall we encountered deviated from this specification, not being an exact 90 degrees.

The Dawn of a Flawless Display: Rising Above with Dedication and Excellence

Determined to ensure a seamless installation, our team rolled up their sleeves and got to work. From 5 PM onwards, we brainstormed, adapted, and executed, ensuring that the NovaStar VX400 All-in-one LED video processor and the Brightsign Full HD Media Player integrated flawlessly with our setup.

13 hours later, as dawn painted the New York skyline, a masterpiece was born inside 'The Fantastic World Of Portuguese Sardines'. The 500x500mm panels of the video wall fit perfectly, leaving not a single gap. The visual display, complemented by the state-of-the-art technology behind it, stood as a beacon of our expertise and resilience.

This project is a testament to LED Solutions' unwavering dedication to quality and precision. No matter the challenge, we are equipped and determined to deliver outstanding results, even when faced with the unexpected.

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