Showcasing the Giants - A Look at the World's Largest Video Screens

In the world of Audio Visual Technology Integration Services, size does matter, especially when it comes to LED video walls and outdoor displays. These colossal installations not only captivate audiences with their sheer magnitude but also demonstrate the pinnacle of audio visual equipment maintenance and service. Here, we explore some of the world's largest video screens, each a testament to the capabilities of professional audio-visual installation services.

Giant Screens, Giant Impact: Exploring the World's Most Mammoth Video Displays

1. Sphere at The Venetian Resort, Paradise, Nevada, USA

Installed in 2023, the Sphere at The Venetian Resort boasts the title of the largest video-capable screen in the world. Covering an astonishing 54,000 square meters (580,000 square feet), this LED screen offers a resolution of 19,000 x 13,500 pixels, amounting to an incredible 256.5 megapixels. Utilizing transparent LED technology, it exemplifies the cutting-edge potential of LED video wall installations for outdoors.


2. Resorts World, Winchester, Nevada, USA

Following closely is the video screen at Resorts World in Nevada, installed in 2020. This screen spans 15,016.5 square meters (161,636 square feet) and utilizes a 50 mm LED custom mesh technology, marking it as a significant achievement in the audio visual installation services sector, despite its location in Nevada.


3. Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The iconic Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas features a vast screen that measures 12,000 square meters (130,000 square feet). Installed with a 27 mm LED transparent display, it offers viewers high-quality visuals, highlighting the importance of reliable audio visual equipment service in maintaining such expansive installations.


4. Mall Taman Anggrek, West Jakarta, Indonesia

Asia's representation in large LED installations includes the Mall Taman Anggrek's screen in Indonesia, which covers 8,675 square meters (93,380 square feet). This screen uses both traditional and transparent LED technology with a pixel pitch of 42.5 mm and 166 mm, showcasing the versatility in outdoor led screen display installation.


5. The Place, Beijing, China

Not to be outdone, The Place in Beijing features a screen that covers 7,466 square meters (80,360 square feet) with a 35 x 40 mm transparent mesh LED technology. This installation underscores the capabilities of LED video wall pro installation services in China.

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6. M+ Facade, Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong's M+ Facade screen, at 7,238 square meters (77,909 square feet), uses traditional LED technology. It represents another significant achievement in professional audio-visual installation services, catering to both artistic and commercial needs.


7. SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California, USA

SoFi Stadium features an 80-megapixel double-sided traditional LED screen that covers 6,500 square meters (70,000 square feet). This installation highlights the evolving technology and maintenance expertise required in audio visual equipment maintenance.


8. Citigroup Tower, Shanghai, China

Shanghai's Citigroup Tower sports a 6,030.7 square meter (64,914 square feet) LED transparent screen, another example of how advanced technology integration is shaping large-scale displays in urban centers.


9. Mexico City Arena, Mexico City, Mexico

The Mexico City Arena features a large screen that spans 5,998 square meters (64,484 square feet), using 125 mm LED stick elements for its display technology. It stands as a prime example of how robust installation and maintenance services can enhance viewer experience.


10. Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, USA

Rounding out the top ten is the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, with a screen covering 5,793 square meters (62,350 square feet). This 15HD LED video screen underscores the crucial role of comprehensive audio visual equipment service in sports and entertainment venues.



These towering installations of LED video walls not only push the boundaries of audio visual technology but also require a high level of expertise in both installation and maintenance. For those involved in professional audio-visual installation services, these screens represent both a challenge and a milestone in the integration of innovative AV technologies in public and commercial spaces. Whether it's for sports, entertainment, or advertising, the growth in outdoor LED screen display installations continues to transform skylines and viewing experiences around the world.