Global Chip Crisis, Leaves Major Av Suppliers Sprawling For Tech With International Supply Chains In Shambles!

The wave of tech innovation and global price drops is decidedly over. Thanks to major global contributors, the world has once again had to take 2 steps back after such promising advances in 2019. COVID-19 has simply decimated the supply chain of tech across the planet.
The circuit board display chips onboard LED display units are one crucial piece of a service delivery enterprise that has become increasingly challenging for manufacturers to source and secure.If we want to understand this new world of limited access, we have to look at the pandemic and far-reaching impact of the virus on local to international trade and economies. Global lockdowns and the ensuing panic meant that manufacturers anticipated a global reduction in demand. Industries sent their workforces home and dramatically reduced their production quotas in response to decreased activity across their supply chain.
At the time, the industry believed that this was a logical and reasonable response to an invisible threat that was rapidly causing chaos across every nation, forcing businesses to hemorrhage financially if the full effects of the globalized lockdown were not realized and responded to in time. But, the pandemic brought with it hyper-accelerated demand for home offices, remote equipment and digital upgrades to improve infrastructure and not incrementally.

According to experts, our reliance on digital communication and hardware has been advanced by over a decade, meaning that the world has outstripped demand on production with staggering and far-reaching consequences for suppliers and manufacturers everywhere.What industry experts and people on the ground are now seeing is that there is a global shortage in hardware as production targets were eased, workforces diminished and a general apathy developed as the first and second waves of the pandemic raged throughout the planet.

As economies bounced back with more ease than anticipated and industries began to take control over this new phase of technological dependence, it's becoming more interconnected than ever before.But what many failed to have anticipated is just how dependent global manufacturing is on this same level of connection.Professional AV Suppliers have been left in the lurch, with no clear solution at hand. A simple semi-conductor has applications in such a diverse field that when manufacturing resumed close to pre-covid levels, the prices of these essential components soared.However, access to vital resources throughout manufacturing processes continued to ebb.AV Suppliers appear to be last in line as the automotive and big tech firms corner the market on what is currently available.

Some experts have compared events to a perfect storm, while others have remarked that it is simply a storm in a teacup.We’re seeing nothing short of a global crisis in supply chain management that is devastating suppliers as they attempt to make the most out of the situation.However, customers are not understanding, nor do they need to be as they continue to exercise their consumer rights and power.

How do AV suppliers safeguard their reputation for excellence and service delivery when the very resources they depend on and promise are no longer in circulation? How can consumers access the equipment that AV suppliers are struggling to secure?

Are there any industry leaders immune to this crisis?

There is one major player in the USA that knows how to navigate a global crisis and can deliver the best products at the most competitive prices.

LED Solutions, based in NYC, has managed to weather this storm; their business model fundamentally differs from their competition - they are not dependent on local suppliers or importers.

They deal, like global automotive and tech firms, with manufacturers directly. They can negotiate, set expectations and deliver to their customers on a level unparalleled by their competition. A keen observation to be made is that they have buying power and established relations with manufacturers.

As prices increase everywhere, their existing relations allow them to negotiate for the best deals so their customers can avoid the financial crunch as demand continues to outpace production. If you’re struggling to secure professional AV equipment, LED Solutions are not. 

Is there any clear solution or end to the issue in sight? 

Currently, as markets continue to navigate the uncertainties of the future, there is no clear resolution in place.
Most predictions see the current state of affairs playing out decidedly for some time to come.

However, with the uncertainty comes stakeholders like LED Solutions who are committed to delivering to the market competitively.

For more information on avoiding the crisis at hand and securing your professional AV supplies, Video, Audio and accessories, LED Solutions is working hard to secure your best interests on every product;